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Elena Style

Straight outta the concrete jungle of NYC. As you know, I’m obsessed with all things fashion. But there’s one item in my closet that I just can’t live without – my trusty leather jacket.

Now I know what you’re thinking – leather jackets are nothing new. But hear me out. Ever since I thrifted this bad boy back in college, it’s been my ride or die for every outfit. I’m talking dresses, jeans, you name it – this jacket just pulls it all together.

It’s got that perfect lived-in look. We’re talking distressed edges, a little cracking in the leather, and even some paint splatters from my wild NYC nights out. I keep it slouchy and oversized so I can layer it over anything. And it always gives me that effortless model-off-duty vibe.

I take this baby everywhere. From grabbing cold brews with my besties in SoHo to hitting up gallery openings in Chelsea, it’s my trusty sidekick. I even wear it to Fashion Week shows to give my outfits that extra edge.

It’s got memories sewn into every stitch. Like the night I met my boyfriend while wearing it at a dive bar concert. Or the time I got caught in a downpour and it protected me all the way home.

I’ll probably be buried in this thing. It’s my armor against the world and reminds me to keep chasing my dreams. The day I stop wearing it is the day I lose my New York edge.

So that’s the story of my favorite item – my beloved leather jacket. What’s yours? Let me know, and stay stylish!

Stay stylish,
Elena 💋