What Color Shoes To Wear With Maroon Pants? Style Tips For Men And Women

Maroon pants are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. This rich, reddish-brown hue flatters most skin tones and can be dressed up or down effortlessly. However, choosing the right shoes to complement this bold bottoms color can be tricky. 

Read on for tips, ideas, and complete outfits to help you style maroon pants and find the perfect shoe pairings for both men and women.

What Color Shoes To Wear With Maroon Pants

Key Things To Consider When Styling Maroon Pants

When putting together an outfit with maroon as the star, you’ll want to keep a few key considerations in mind:

Match the formality

Casual maroon pants like jeans call for equally casual footwear like sneakers, while dress trousers demand more formal leather shoes. Always match the formality of your pants when choosing shoes to create a cohesive look.

Complementary colors

Shades like black, brown, tan, cream, and white typically pair beautifully with maroon. Metallic shoes in silver, gold or rose gold also make an eye-catching statement.

Neutrals balance the look

Since maroon on the bottom half is such a bold, rich color, keep the rest of the outfit neutral and subtle so the pants remain the focal point.

Add visual interest

Texture and patterns like leather, suede, animal prints, polka dots, and stripes can make an outfit with maroon pants more intriguing.

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Shoe Options For Women

Women have plenty of chic shoe options to consider with maroon pants:


Nothing complements casual maroon jeans or pants like crisp white or classic black sneakers. Clean leather or canvas pairs keep the look refined and sleek. Distressed or chunky sneakers add edge, while minimalist styles maintain the streamlined vibe. Metallic or patterned sneakers also work for a fun flair.


From stilettos to block heels, black, nude or metallic heels pull together a dressy maroon pants outfit seamlessly. For daytime events, lower kitten heels or wedges are chic with wide leg maroon trousers. Pointed-toe pumps or strappy heels up the elegance factor for evening.


Knee or thigh-high black leather or suede boots add instant polish to both daytime or nighttime maroon outfits. For more casual wear, tan ankle boots or booties make maroon jeans really pop. Burgundy boots also complement perfectly for a monochromatic vibe.


Ballet flats in black, brown, tan, metallic, animal prints or even a pattern like polka dots work beautifully with both casual and dressy maroon pants. Loafers or oxfords make smart options for the office.

Shoe Pairings For Men

Men can also choose from several stylish shoe options to complement maroon pants:


White, black or grey leather sneakers are a foolproof choice to pair with maroon pants or jeans for men. Simple low tops or minimalist styles keep the look refined. Distressed sneakers add edge, while coloured or patterned pairs create a statement.

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Whether in black, brown or burgundy, oxfords are the perfect polish for dress trousers in maroon. Wingtips and brogue detailing add visual interest while remaining dapper. Suede also makes a contemporary oxford choice.


For smart-casual outfits, tan, brown or black leather loafers complement maroon pants flawlessly. Tassels, buckles or metallic finishes modernize the classic loafer. Burgundy loafers match seamlessly for a monochromatic moment.


Chelsea, chukka or ankle boots in black or brown leather ground maroon casual wear. For dressier occasions, black leather boots maintain sophistication. Burgundy boots also coordinate seamlessly.

Monk Straps

Double monk strap shoes in brown or black leather lend a dash of retro flair to tailored maroon pants for work or events. Metallic monk straps modernize the vintage vibe.

Complete Outfits With Maroon Pants

Women’s Outfits

  • Maroon jeans, white sneakers and a neutral sweater
  • Wide leg maroon trousers with a silky cami, nude heels and tan trench coat
  • Dressy maroon cigarette pants with a black blouse, black pumps and metallic clutch
  • Maroon culottes, white button-down, black booties and polka dot scarf

Men’s Outfits

  • Maroon chinos, white leather sneakers and a grey crewneck tee
  • Burgundy dress pants, light blue shirt, navy blazer and brown oxfords
  • Skinny maroon jeans, white tee, black bomber jacket and black boots
  • Tailored maroon trousers, checkered shirt, brown monk straps and beige overcoat

What Color Shoes To Wear With Maroon Pants For Men?

Color Shoes To Wear With Maroon Pants For Men

Maroon pants are a great choice if you want to add a pop of color to your outfit. But what color shoes should you wear with them? Here are some good options:

1. Dark Brown Shoes

Men’s dark brown shoes and maroon pants are a classic pairing that is perfect for the office or formal events. The dark brown and maroon complement each other beautifully, creating a sophisticated and stylish look. Oxfords, loafers, or boots in a rich dark brown leather would all work well. This is an elegant option appropriate for any occasion.

2. Tan or Beige Shoes

For a more casual daytime look, pair maroon pants with tan suede chukka boots or beige canvas sneakers. The earthy tones of tan and beige contrast nicely with the bold maroon, creating a relaxed vibe. Make sure the shoes are not too light, or they will clash with the pants. Stick to a medium tan or beige for the best effect.

3. Black Shoes

You can never go wrong matching black shoes with any color pants. Black leather dress shoes or black sneakers both create a sharp, polished look with maroon pants. The dark hues complement each other perfectly. Black shoes add an extra touch of sophistication and style.

4. White Shoes

For a bold, eye-catching look, wear crisp white sneakers with maroon pants. The contrast between the bright white and rich maroon is striking. White canvas sneakers or leather sneakers both work well. Keep the rest of the outfit simple when trying this adventurous color combo.

5. Burgundy Shoes

Match shades by wearing deep burgundy shoes with your maroon pants. The monochromatic look is sleek and stylish. Burgundy wingtips, loafers, or boots will tie the whole outfit together seamlessly. Just be sure the shades are very close but not exactly the same.

So in summary, the most flattering shoes to pair with maroon pants for men are dark brown, tan, beige, black, white, or burgundy. Stick to these classic color combos and you’ll always look sharp!

What Color Shoes To Wear With Maroon Pants for Women?

Color Shoes To Wear With Maroon Pants For Women

Maroon pants are a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. But pairing them with the right shoes can be tricky. Here are some tips on choosing shoes to wear with maroon pants for a stylish look:

1. Neutral Colors

Stick to neutral colored shoes like black, brown, tan, gray, or white. These classic colors will complement the maroon pants nicely.

  • Black shoes (heels, flats, booties) are always a safe choice and go with everything. They will give your outfit a polished look.
  • Nude or tan shoes will elongate your legs and give your outfit a more streamlined silhouette.Nude heels or wedges are a great option.
  • Brown shoes (loafers, oxfords, ankle boots) add a casual, earthy vibe and pair well with maroon’s reddish tones.

2. Metallic Shoes

For a dressier or nighttime look, consider metallic shoes in gold, silver, bronze or copper. They make the outfit more glamorous and fun.

  • Gold heels or flats will beautifully accent the warm tones in maroon pants.
  • Silver or bronze shoes add shine and a cool tone. Try strappy heels or ballet flats.

3. Burgundy Shoes

Wearing burgundy shoes is a foolproof way to complement maroon pants. The shades will match perfectly. Burgundy heels, flats, or booties will tie the whole outfit together seamlessly.

4. Avoid Bright Colors

Stay away from shoes in bright colors like red, blue or pink as they may clash with the maroon pants. Shoes that are too brightly colored can look mismatched.

5. Consider Skin Tone

Choose shoe colors that flatter your skin tone. Warm skin tones look great with metallics like gold or copper. Cool skin tones are complemented by silvers and grays.

6. Weather Appropriate

In summer, opt for open-toed shoes like strappy sandals. In colder months, closed-toe options like booties or loafers will keep you comfortable.

So experiment with different neutral, metallic, and burgundy shoes to find what works best for your personal style and skin tone. With the right shoes, your maroon pants will get plenty of wear.

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Shoes Should Avoid With Maroon Pants

Maroon pants can be tricky to style, but choosing the right shoes is key to pulling off the look. Here are some shoes that are best avoided when wearing maroon pants:

1. Brightly Colored Shoes

Avoid wearing brightly colored shoes like neon yellow, bright red, or electric blue with maroon pants. The bold colors will clash rather than complement each other. Stick to more muted and neutral tones instead.

2. Light Tan or Beige Shoes

Light tan or beige shoes can look washed out next to the deeper, richer maroon tone. They don’t provide enough contrast. Opt for a darker brown or tan color instead.

3. Loud Prints or Patterns

Avoid shoes with busy prints or patterns like florals, animal prints, or plaids. They compete with the maroon pants instead of working together. Stick to solid colored shoes or subtle patterns like polka dots.

4. Casual Sneakers

Chunky casual sneakers generally don’t complement the dressier vibe of maroon pants. Save your sneakers for jeans and opt for leather shoes, loafers, or boots instead.

5. Matching Maroon Shoes

Wearing shoes the exact same maroon shade as your pants can look monotonous. Go for a slightly lighter or darker shade of maroon or burgundy instead for subtle contrast.

The key is choosing shoes in colors that complement rather than compete with the maroon pants. Neutrals like black, brown, tan, or gray are safe bets. If opting for a pop of color, go for shades adjacent to maroon on the color wheel, like wine, plum, or navy.


Maroon bottoms instantly amp up any outfit with their rich, eye-catching color. Keep the shoes neutral and complementary by matching the formality of the pants. Sneakers, heels, oxfords, loafers and boots in classic hues like black, brown, tan and white work wonderfully. Have fun mixing materials like suede, leather and metallic or adding patterns and texture for 

extra flair. With the right shoe pairings, maroon pants can take any outfit from basic to bold and stylish.

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